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Wendy and her husband stayed here a week from October 11 to October 18, 2019,
 2019年10月11日 から10月18日の1週間、Wendyさん夫妻が宿泊しました。

Summary: Our experience was amazing here. Stop searching. Stay here. Esp if you have a car. (Long tl;dr) If you are looking for a location not in Naha, the bustling city in the south, but rather in the suburbs near good food, grocery stores that let you experience the local markets, and amazing views all just 10-20 drive away, and be 30-40 mins between Naha, American village, the Aquarium, and all the other scuba diving and hiking locations in the north,.... stop looking. Just stay here.
Husband’s comments: There's a lot to talk about when it comes to Self Juku, so I'll break it down into a couple sections. The hosts: Yoji and Kyoko were great hosts. Happy to answer the questions we had and Yoji gave detailed instructions about the space. Something we really enjoyed was making a simple meal under Kyoko's instruction. Apparently to be certified to host people in Okinawa, as a host you need to prepare one meal with your guests during their stay. Kyoko helped us make a tasty carrot & egg dish and then provided a couple other delicious dishes to go along with it. (They were really the sweetest. While my husband spoke college level Japanese, Yoji spoke solid English and made an effort to look up translations of rarer terms like the species we saw in the aquarium and dishes we saw in the markets. I was actually sad they didn’t eat the meal that they made for us, together with us!)

The space: The guest space is quite large, good for an extended stay. As the pictures show, there is a decent sized kitchen, with a full stove-top and sink. Bathroom is compact and clean, and the living area has plenty of room for most people to keep their stuff. Access to the balcony to dry your clothes is nice too, and the hosts give you access to their washing machine (free of cost). Something that we weren't used to, coming from the United States, was the door to the space not having a lock. They could easily install one and we were given a front door key. However, Yoji and Kyoko were exceedingly polite and we never felt like we were in danger of being intruded upon. ( Many fans and strong A/C, quiet adorable neighborhood noises like noon bells and morning dogs, TV had entertaining Japanese channels, extra blankets, happy to let my partner and I push the two twin beds together.)
The location: If you want a quiet place to relax in Okinawa, away from the busy parts of the island, Self Juku is awesome. We'd recommend a car to explore Okinawa in general, there are many cool places within a 20min drive, such as Cape Maeda. But if you want a nice walk, there is the nearby Zakimi castle ruins or the Shimuku Gama cave.

For food and the like, there are a few small nearby restaurants, and the Marudai supermarket is a ~25min walk away and it has a good selection of foods that you can cook in your kitchen. If you really need a quick bite, there's a Familymart about 7min away that you could go to as well. We liked the location in particular because it was quiet, but put us near the places we were interested in the exploring, the the Churaumi Aquarium and the city of Naha.

Overall, we highly recommend Self Juku as a place to stay if you are ever on Okinawa.



私たちが本当に楽しかったのは、京子の指示の下で簡単な食事を作ることでした。どうやら沖縄でのホストに認定されるためには、ホストとして、宿泊客が滞在中に宿泊客と一緒に1つの食事を準備する必要があるようです。Kyokoは、おいしいニンジンと卵料理を作るのを手伝い、それからそれに合わせていくつかのおいしい料理を提供しました。 彼らは本当に最高でした。







(The following is a review I wrote about Wendy.

Wendy and her husband were very good guests. Wendy was a cheerful and friendly woman. Her husband is very good at Japanese. I was surprised because the messages left in the room after they returned were written in Japanese. He was also cheerful and friendly. They adhered to our rules. And they used our room cleanly. We will recommend them.

彼女の夫は日本語がとても上手です。 驚いたことに、彼らが帰った後に部屋に残されていメッセージが日本語で書かれていきました。 彼はまた陽気でフレンドリーでした。
 彼らは私たちのルールを順守しました。 そして、彼らは私たちの部屋をきれいに使いました。 彼らはお勧めします。



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