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 昨日はセルフ宿の紹介文を載せました。それを Google 翻訳を使って英語にし、おかしなところを直しました。

  Yomitan village is in the middle of Okinawa main island. The population is about 40,000 people. It is the most populous village in Japan. Zakimi is a quiet and green rich settlement with world heritage Zakimi castle ruin. Our house is in that place.
It takes about 1 hour by car from Naha Airport. It is convenient place when you go to the north and the south.
The accommodation room is on the 2nd floor, you can use 2 rooms. Basically it is accommodation for 2 guests, one of the rooms has 2 beds, there is also a private bathroom for guests. The bathroom has a toilet, washroom, bath and shower.
Other room is kitchenette only for guests. There are cooking utensils such as water supply, a refrigerator, IH heater, so you can cook.
You must experience Okinawan cuisine with us at least once by Japanese law. Okinawa cuisine is goya champloo, naberambushi, paw paw, somen champloo and so on.You choose one of them.
Although you can stay comfortably in Yomitan village, trains and buses in public transportation are very inconvenient. I recommend using a rental car.
There is a convenience store (Family Mart) about 8 minutes on foot. There are 9 large or small supermarkets in Yomitan village, so you can get food and other items easily. It is a convenient village if you use a car.
Basically it is accommodation for two guests, but an air bed of supplementary bed is prepared, and up to 4 people can stay. At that time the table will be folded and the chairs will be stacked.
More than 3 people will be 50% discount. Please pay additional fee when checking in.
It is very good for long-term stay because you can cook by yourself. Accommodation costs will be lower if your stay is long.
You can avoid the cold in winter, enjoy the blue sea of summer, avoid spring pollen allergy.
We are waiting for contact.
Thank you.



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